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We are a salmon and halibut fishing lodge located in Rivers Inlet, has been operating since the summer of 2006.   The fishing lodge was built to bring people from all over the world to experience some of Canada’s best salmon fishing.  Duncanby has grown to become one of the most respected salmon and halibut fishing lodges in BC.  In fact, Duncanby now ranks as one of the top fishing lodges in Canada.  Our continuously growing clientele fly in from all over Canada, the United States, and even Europe, just to experience our world renowned Rivers Inlet Salmon fishing. 

Rivers Inlet was made famous by being one of the most bountiful commercial fishing grounds in BC.  It wasn’t long before the first sport fishing lodge was built to share the thrill of hooking one of our monstrous tyees on a rod and reel.  Shortly thereafter, word began to spread about a majestically place on the central coast, where you could catch Chinook salmon that were over twice the size of the average Chinook found anywhere else on the coast.  The demand for more and more salmon fishing lodges in Rivers Inlet grew and more and more lodges were built. 

Duncanby Landing, as it was called for years, was the center of a once thriving life on the central coast.  The property at Duncanby fishing lodge was once a logging camp.  You can still see the markings of cork boots worn by logger on some of our planks that are generations old.  Duncanby was a store where many locals come to obtain provisions.  There was also a time when our docks, were lined up and down with commercial fishing boats rafted 6 wide on either side. Today, our noble fleet of sport fishing vessels have taken their place. 

Today Rivers Inlet is closed to commercial fishing.  Rivers Inlet salmon fishing is reserved for you, the sport fishermen.  The natural beauty of the inlet is as it once was.  The whales still flock to the Inlet to feed on the bountiful baitfish.  The bears still roam the shoreline in search of mussels as they eagerly await the return of the year’s first salmon.  Giant halibut still swim right under the docks; and sport fishing at Duncanby lodge, is the thrill of a lifetime.




Rivers Inlet (Coordinates: 51°30′N, 127°35′W) is a fjord in the Central Coast region of the Canadian province of British Columbia, its entrance from the Dean Channel near that fjord's mouth, about 125 km southwest of the community of Bella Coola and about 65 km north of the northern tip of Vancouver Island and the western entrance of the Queen Charlotte Strait.

The inlet is about 45 kilometres in length from its head at the community of Rivers Inlet, British Columbia, which is a logging and fishing town that is also the home of the Wuikinuxv people and their government, the Wuikinuxv Nation, also known variously as the Owekeeno, Awikenox, Oowekeeno and also as the Rivers Inlet people.

The main rivers feeding Rivers Inlet are the Kilbella River and its tributary, the Chuckwalla, and the 3km Wannock River, which feeds the head of Rivers Inlet and is fed by the fresh-water fjord Owikeno Lake,50 km in length, and which is fed by the Tzeo, Sheemahant and Machmell Rivers. The Machmell, the largest, is fed from the northern flank of the Silverthrone Icefield, one of the largest of the southern Coast Mountain icecaps, and which is capped by the volcanic caldera Mount Silverthrone.

15 km down the inlet, west from the town and the head of the inlet, is the mouth of a 30km side-inlet from the north, Moses Inlet, which is fed by the Clyak River and which itself has a western side-inlet named Hardy Inlet, 15 km in length (source: Wikipedia).

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